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Tuesday December 31st 2013  Tim Candler


      One perennial disruption to the routine of a Couch Potato, is this tradition at the end of the year amongst the news entertainment industry to take on a retrospective. And invariably there is some kind of top ten list which includes a cat with duck story, a cancerous child story, a pregnant woman rescued from shark story. And you can see glee in red noses, and the "Oh Dear" of a realizing nightmare that must be the lot of some unfortunate whose role it is to find something to talk about through the seven days of rampant consumption.

       In a moment of anguish, brought on by the failure of the UPS to perform miracles, I found myself fully embracing the dilemma of a retrospective by giving consideration to my own year.  A first question for my own product was "how entertaining?"   I realize that it's a parameter which more often than not does not enter the work I do, at least not by design, or preordination, or focus group.  Then I asked "Entertainment" the question "what is it you do?"  The reply "I engage the endocrine system," fell rather well to my ears.

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