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Tuesday December 3rd  2013  Tim Candler


      Calvin tells me that the prophet Obadiah, decided that  the entail of Esau who were living quite comfortable lives of plunder and pillage in the land between the Dead Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba, were "hated by God."  They were an awful people, Obadiah prophesized, and would soon be visited by the sort of hardships and torments the chosen clans of Jacob's Israel  were experiencing.  Calvin calls the entail of Esau, The  Idumeans.  Others have called them The Edomites.

      Edom in Assyrian  means red, I've been told. And I have to suspect that Esau, described as a "ruddy and  hairy man, who was born red all over," might not have suffered from my own red blotchy condition, but he might have actually had red hair.  Which for some reason or other changes my view of Esau, who for a long time has been in my mind, as a sort of last vestige of hunter gatherer, well able to look out for himself, unallied to the strictures of the village, the city, office work and on into the nightmare of traffic jams and synchronized swimming. An heroic figure, marrying Hittites, giving his dad venison when things got tight, doing  battle with agriculture.  And Esau might also have been a twin, a little snippet of information, that I have always tried very hard to dismiss. Nor will I be tempted  to piss off whatever the equivalent might be to Robert Allan Zimmerman's French Croatian community.


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