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Wednesday February 13th 2013    Tim Candler

    A  mind I enjoy is approaching the age of thirty seven.  And I would tend to agree that thirty seven is something like a no-mans land, or in the case of a person born under the water sign that happens the end of February into March, it's more like a deep ocean without the Sargasso or coral reef or rocky island.  The Earth signs and the Fire signs produce practical people, the Major Generals, the wistful corporals and the blue badges of commerce. Those of us who are Air and Water tend toward rootless-ness, obstruction and dreaming, and random tirade. Which means we are prone to ennui and the vicissitudes of the question why.  A part of mind which  Earth and Fire subdue through what the polite call  'faith,'  an iron discipline primarily centered around patterns of usefulness, sometimes referred to as  'the mystery of ambition,'  or 'hope.'  Oddly enough, while Pisces are Water People, and Scorpio or the Desert Dwelling Arachnids are Water people, the Aquarian, or Water Carrier, is an Air person.  The 265th Pope, Pope Benedict sixteenth is a Fire person, possibly an anomaly with in the system, or perhaps a rearranging  of his birthday to better suit biology.  But you have to go back nineteen Popes, to the 246th Pope, a time when the City of Boston Massachusetts had a population of 12000, to find the last certified Aquarian Pope.

    He was Benedict the Thirteenth, and quite wrong to think him the victim of physical palsy, or arthritis, or frailty of mind. It was he who abolished the lottery in Rome, unsuccessfully rallied the faithful against corruption and he repealed the worldwide rule that excommunicated anyone found smoking or chewing tobacco in or near churches. Indeed, we who are Water Carriers, are emotional, sensitive, empathetic, conceptualizing and really very special.  All of them nice words with which to replace the Old English expression 'pantie-wastie.'  However, it would be easier to fall prey to this seduction of the astrologers sign if it were not for the suggestion that Air people are also assumed to possess 'sociable-ness .'  A quality so completely absent in me that it has to cast doubt on the validity of any exercise that attributes character of a person to the moment of his birth.   We Air people, I am told,  tend to be positive, or self expressing balloons, which sounds well enough, but sadly for Air people who are also Aquarians, we are immutable, or doomed.  Water people, out there in the ocean blue, tend to be negative, or self containing.  But,  if born to the Water signs of Pisces and Scorpio, you happen also to be mutable, lucky bastard, because it means you know what it is to be flexible, especially during electrical interruption.


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