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Friday February 16th 2013    Tim Candler

    Walking Stewart was not a religious man.  And he was not one to hide behind the word 'agnostic.'  He was a lunatic of course, everyone he met and who wrote about him, said so.  A wonderful madness.  "Philofophy muft bow down to the microfcope." Why he wore a tunic of an Armenian Private Soldier, is probably for me a more useful obsession than wondering on about qualifications for Sainthood.  Clearly more often than not a political matter, most particularly the event sometime in the 1970's when forty Saints of British origin were suddenly created, including a man called David Lewis, who was from the Welsh Marches.  He'd been hung for being stubborn, more than anything else. 

    Either way, Armenia is the oldest state to Establish Christianity, it did so around 300 AD.  For well over  fifteen hundred years Armenian traders had been doing good business with Bengal, where Calcutta is and where Mother Teresa in buried with all her parts.   And it was in Bengal that Walking Stewart probably came into contact with Armenians.  The East India Company, who briefly employed Walking Stewart, had made an arrangement with the Armenian community in Bengal the essentials of which where that East India Company would finance the building of a church in any community in Bengal where the population of Armenians exceeding forty. Oddly enough one of the Armenian Apostolic Churches that was probably built by Armenian Christians, long before either the Dutch or the English set foot in India, contains a relic.  It's the Left hand of John the Baptist.  I know John the Baptist's head is in Rome.  His right hand is either in Serbia or Romania or Istanbul.

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