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Friday February 1st 2013    Tim Candler

    A good day to work on a theoretical framework of purpose.  And here I'll begin with an idea that will confine the universal condition of pointlessness to within the word "Shallow."   Pointlessness can be considered an ennui, a frailty of character, a chemical imbalance, and ordinarily can be resolved with the words 'pull yourself together' or something equally catty that can make a mind feel suddenly foolish, or uncomfortably self righteous, unless it's minus twelve centigrade  outside and you're out of cigarettes and yearn for a Pork Sausage.   "Shallowness" on the other hand is almost an insult.  It suggests an early phase in the path toward complete idiot. "I am a shallow being" not because I am  "a pointless being," rather because my  idea of purpose is "shallow" and consequently any contribution it might make to purpose is so unsubstantial it verges on the "pointless." 

    The argument then, is what to do about "shallowness of purpose"  if by chance "shallowness of purpose"  becomes unbearable and angst ridden, and you're seriously considering going to town. One option is to search out a "good."   Which of course has first to be perceived as a "good."  And generally the nature of a "good" is gleaned by contrasting it with a "bad."  Otherwise everything is "good/bad"  or acceptance.  And here of course begins the miasma of human endeavor, as we desperately seek to understand ourselves as beings driven toward an end.  "Shallowness" becomes "I will not surrender."  It becomes the chest thumping dialectic with heroes and villains.  So you put on your wooly hat, your fifteen tee shirts and you hunt around for sundries like one last cup of coffee and something with which to defrost the door of the vehicle and you wonder when you last urinated. Which all sounds well enough, until you listen to a senate confirmation hearing on C-span where a mind might avoid physics altogether as it contemplates the futility of hair styles.

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