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Monday February 4th 2013    Tim Candler

    I know it's Monday, the first of three Saturdays for me,  but I believe I'd be more interesting to both myself and to others if I didn't obsess on what could be called causality, which in my world is reduced to "The Question Why?"  Usually somewhere around Thursday. Not that bleak stare into the firmament, accompanied by wonder and awe.  Or the pomp and ceremony, and 'Oh look there's a meteor.'  My question why? rests proudly within the context of pointlessness, because pointlessness makes more sense to me. And here, the  'Because' in 'Causality' I will insist, is an entirely chemical reaction, which occurs in various parts of mind that elevates 'thinking' to preposterous, not to say spurious levels in my species.  Listening to others, which I do far too much, I am convinced plants 'think' and I can sometimes persuade myself that rocks and the universe itself  'think.'  But between the rock and us there is a distance.  We are, if you like, speeded up and, therefore I think I am, only sometimes.

    Pretty much true that such an analysis will fall foul of each and every particle that cruises the Milky Way.  Each about its business, moved by solace and sometimes by anger, anxious for harmony and occasionally, for the hell of it, it'll throw itself at the grenade so that others might continue to suffer delusional impulse produced by I am.  Then if I was to say that pointlessness is beautiful, there would be a rampage of words in opposition, and I could list these words by shuffling through the histories of people, or open a newspaper.  And anyway, how dare I stare into the abyss and come away happy!  The answer I guess is pure, unadulterated arrogance, which might also be that same chemical that can produce an imbecile.  As well, it's an anniversary today.  John Speed of Durham was executed on February 4th 1594, for rejecting inducements to bring him to conformity with the Church of England.  Pope Pius the Eleventh beatified him in 1929.  The distinction between beatification and canonization, or Blessed and Saint, is something I'll worry about tomorrow and it might even be more interesting to both of us.

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