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Thursday February 7th 2013    Tim Candler

    There have been twelve Popes named Pius, and if you wanted to, you can obtain a clock that features all twelve of them.  The clock would cost around $46 Australian, around $40 US, or around 30 Sterling.  But even more nerve-wracking than being ticked at by twelve Popes Pius, is the prospect of achieving the condition of Servant of God, because unless you are Teresa of Kolkata, your bones have to be dug up.  And here, this practice does seem to me an extraordinarily virile approach to what would be the earthly remains of very unusual people. 

    Then when I put this into a conjunction with the concept of  'Communion' as the moment where the faithful accept bread and wine as representing the literal, or at least the substance of, the blood and body of Jesus, I become really quite creeped out.  But at the same time, it seems to me, that those Protestant communities who have no Saints, and who adhere to the notion of the Eucharist as no more than a 'memorial' to the blood and body of Jesus, are more like Pansies than they are like the gallant Sunflower, or an Amaryllis in February.

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