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Friday February 8th 2013    Tim Candler

    This Winter feels colder than last year's winter.  I know this because this year's Winter always feels considerably colder than last year's Winter.  However, today is the eighth of February, and today Snowdrops are well on their way to peak bloom.   Last Year, peak bloom for Snowdrops was February eighteenth.  So we are a few days off.   More interesting perhaps, is the condition of Snowdrop in February of 2010.  In that year Peak Bloom for Snowdrop was achieved around the twenty-fifth of February.  And in the years before 2010, I could generally say peak bloom for  these particular Snowdrop was somewhere around the last ten days of February.  This year, if it stays mild in the daytime, we could see peak bloom for Snowdrop even earlier than 2012, which in the view of many was a warmer year.

    These are far from scientific observations.  Rather, they belong to a quasi-rational approach that indulges  emotion by allowing it full range.  No Vernier Caliper, no Slide Rule or measuring device of any sort.  For example, I firmly believe the Mole beneath the Vegetable Garden has grown to about the size of small Elephant, and I'm inclined to the idea that there's an Elf, or a small boy, whose pleasure in life is hiding things form me. So I am not a reliable source for information deemed empirical, or worthy of trust. All the same, I'm not yet completely round the bend because while about my business at the urinal at my place of employment, I don't suddenly and for no good reason inform the fidgeting throng, that "fifteen years ago we used to get big snows in Kentucky." Another ten years or so and I'm confident there'll be Hippo in the Green River.

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