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Saturday February 9th 2013    Tim Candler

    It's a long haul if you randomly sit on your personal computer in such a way as to splinter it's screen.  There's a great white cloud in the northeast corner, that daily gets larger, and sometimes it looks a little like pink lightning issuing from it, and sometimes for no apparent reason it suddenly turns black. I keep expecting it to ooze something green that might have once slithered around in the mud of the Yangzi.  And finally I understand the words "screen protector."  So many of them in the Fulfillment Center, some of us had permitted ourselves to become really very cynical.

    I can imagine the truly addicted with their mobile devices, the sort of thing that has a minute screen so it'll fit in the pocket, or hat band, most certainly requiring some sort of protective device that is ornamental and groovy, and colorful and self expressive, and aren't I cool, and the list is so long it becomes majorly tiresome.  I saw one the other day that had a Unicorn theme. Which was interesting because Unicorns always were treacherous creatures, not in the least sweet, which is why they were kept chained up until quite recently. But sadly that's how the world turns.

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