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Thursday January 17th 2013    Tim Candler

    Sad how those who make their fortune, are said to also achieve their dreams.  Yet, in defining successfulness, it might appear there are two languages.  What we say and what we tell others.  This way I can look at myself as I want others to see me.  I can say, "Because of my success, I have done the right thing."  Alternatively there is just the one language.

      In another way, I can go into a school yard with a gun or a camera.  I can make a theater of death.  I can depict little girls and boys in a slaughter house.  Tell them to try to keep still, try not to giggle so the camera might make another  sweep.  Then I can do it again because somebody moved, or because some body did not die quite slowly enough for my audience to tell me how wonderful I am..   Call it Plutocracy, if you prefer it succinct.

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