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Friday January 18th 2013    Tim Candler

    Fellow beings in this field of random thoughts uttered for no apparent reason, in no apparent order, occasionally indulge the fantasy that we are occupied in something other than what an organization behaviorist once called 'Hygiene Factors.' A horrible phrase, that basically means 'what Adam and Eve first needed when expelled from Eden.' 'Hygiene Factors' within a structure would for example include 'food, shelter, safety.'  Without such things, this sad argument runs, there can be little possibility of  'good attitude.'  An attribute of mind which enables an employer to spend more of his precious resources in Cancun and fewer on motivation through things like chains, whips, armed guards, fierce dogs and so forth.  A simpler time of course, and Herzberg must have been  a recovering fascist, otherwise why use the word 'hygiene.'

   All the same, those of us in the field of uttering randomly, do indeed tromp through our minds, looking for a 'Hygiene' that precedes motivation. And very often we end up on the couch of a behaviorist and try hard not to stare at the wall where the behaviorist has his diplomas.  And we do this because behavioral-ism sometimes masquerades as psychiatry, the dental hygienist of mind.  Which can be an awkward structure to lie down upon.  It supports a misanthropy, a frailty of adjustment, it supports a truth within the theory of pointlessness and it aligns with that set in ennui which produces brief entertainments, I'll call "paroxysms."   And so I have decided that I'll attach the word 'Alive' to the word 'Being,' and by so doing produce the simpler addiction  "A Being Alive."   Which is a long way from "A Being in Time," with it's associated motivational complexities of grammar, and the nonsense that begins with a past and the future tense.

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