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Tuesday January 1st 2013    Tim Candler

    Two thousand twelve was a five. The sum of its numerals. Pentagrams have five points. Two thousand and thirteen, is a six.    Bee honeycombs have six sides. Insects, not arachnids, have six legs.  So god knows what's in store for us.  More interesting perhaps is the origin of the shape 6, which has saved some of us with Latin roots in many of our words, from having to think VI every time six broaches an horizon.

    Of the two images here, the above is how the Brahmins from India described six.  Below is how Arab people would write six in dust or on sand, before things like blackboards and pencil sharpeners revolutionized communication.   Binary computers, when they think six, see it as 1000.  For Mayans, 1 was a pebble, 5 was a stick, 6 was a pebble and a stick.

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