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Tuesday January 22nd 2013    Tim Candler

    The word  'paroxysm'  means something like sudden outburst, and this would include an outburst of either anger or laughter, or rolling around on the floor in a condition of uncontrollable-ness.   I'd hope 'paroxysm' might not yet be the word to attach to my sentiments on the subject of the word 'product.'  However, I do seem to be developing a reaction to the word 'product' that any day now will result in some form of behavior which might to an observer look like a 'paroxysm.'   And here I can draw some comfort from the origin of  the word 'paroxysm' which has in its far way meaning the ideas in 'goad' and 'sharpen.' 

   Orange Juice, is Orange Juice, 'Most Pulp' or otherwise, and any one who can put a picture of themselves wearing a hat, on an "Orange Juice" carton, and then rabbit on in self-worshipful terms that include the word 'product' has to have half of his brain missing.  And the sad thing is I know where this missing part has gone to.  It has been utterly consumed by the personality of number, it has gone to Kapital and Cancun, it has gone to the imbecilic and wholly short sighted language of business management, where each of us represents an integer in profit and loss.  But we are none of us integers.  We are not units, goddamn it!  We are vectors, remember.  We have magnitude and direction.  So do Oranges, Orange Juice, Orange Trees and whatever other unsightliness might be put into "Orange Juice".  Nor should I be allowed in the Grocery Aisles while wearing the spectacles unless accompanied by some sort of external defibrillator.

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