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Thursday January 24th 2013    Tim Candler

      The inheritors of work by Crick and Watson have stored the Sonnets of Shakespeare within the structure of DNA.  All one hundred and fifty four of them, I'd hope.  And if you ask them why, they'll tell you they were in a bar in notorious Hamburg, and thought it might be something to try. His lusts and passions laid bare, her fingers walking with gentle gait, and so on and so forth into the increasingly obscure and barely comprehensible. 

    The Arabian poets of around Shakespeare's time more often when they considered  such matters looked to Camels or the thigh of Ostrich for their inspiration.  Now of course there is what I have been told is called a 'chick flick' and I have been told it is also possible to watch glorious technicolor of naked men and women who are also under the influence of  "banging each others brains out."  A something that's been described as "you know it when you see it" by men who sometimes wear robes to work.

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