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Tuesday January 29th 2013    Tim Candler

    A forecast for high winds, thunderstorms followed by temperatures slinking back into the teens so that snow and sleet and maybe freezing rain might have their opportunity to again grant inspiration to those of us who may have become sufficiently estranged to appreciate such things.  As well as these possibilities, there's a chance of  'tornadic activity' in the middle of tonight. Which  is one way of saying 'don't worry if there is a Black Mamba under your bed, it might be asleep.'

     A Black Mamba gets the word 'black' in his name because black is the color of the inside of his mouth.  His body is a greenish, grayish color.  He's not a fat snake, he's rather skinny and can reach lengths of thirteen, fourteen feet. And of those thirteen, fourteen feet he can raise one third of his body length into the air so that he can hiss at you before biting you in the neck.  And he is usually bad tempered and fearless and if you are bitten by him, you most likely die, rather quickly and in agony. He's also the fastest snake in the world.  20mph, which in a dormitory filled with seven year old boys looks like lightning, as I remember..

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