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Sunday July 14th 2013  Tim Candler


    To hell with it!  Especially on Bastille Day!  I will no longer be gathering the Wild Blackberry in quarts.  That particular pathetic measurement for Blackberry is about as bland as is the name Hope for a Seal Island Puffling.  Instead I am going to work on the principle of a basic quart type measurement that I will call "A Dog Tic Ton."

    There will be four "Dog Tic Tons" to "One Lone Star Tic Tonne." And here, the observant might recognize a curious conjoining of Imperial and Metric, for which there was a reason, but at the moment that reason eludes me following heat stress on brain cells.  Then while gathering Blackberry, if ever two Lone Star Tic Tonnes are achieved it will from henceforth be called "A Drunken June Bug,"  because  one "Drunken June Bug" is sufficient Blackberry for six jeroboam of the wine.


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