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Tuesday July 16th 2013  Tim Candler


     The tummy button is not a good place to be bitten by anything. There is an element of indignity to it, as well as an appalling sneakiness on the part of the biter. But perhaps more elucidating  is to be bitten by an Ant on that back part of the upper arm, which were I a bird, I'd have some rather elegant flight feathers, but which because I have been made decrepit by opposable thumbs I can only ever see in a mirror.

    If I were a bird, I'd not have to rip off the long sleeve shirt and peer around in a truly spastic and short sighted manner looking for a culprit. Instead I'd be able to use my beak, which as far as I can tell would be able to reach each and every part of my body, except perhaps parts of  my head.  And if you wonder why an Ant should produce so a dramatic reaction, it's because  the Velvet Ant has been spotted marching along the lane and her bite, I am told, will reduce an Elephant to tears.


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