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Wednesday July 17th 2013  Tim Candler


     Spent a dew soaked ten minutes polishing some sort of fungus off the good shoes.  The ones that I believe give off an impression of good moral character.  Then I entered an internal debate with socks.  The smart shoes are black, and somewhere I have black socks.  I have always felt that black shoes with white socks makes a person look like a spiv.  Which is an English word for someone who might have spent time in the nick for selling things from the back of a lorry, so accept only cold, hard cash from him.

    However, my debate with socks quickly entered the "I am what I am" phase and I decided I would wear the work boots, which have a little age on them.  And even though the laces are original equipment, the age of the work boot is not a comfortable, well seated age, but an "I am on my last leg, and I don't give a damn" sort of age.  Nor are they often permitted indoors owing to their fragrant quality which very few know how to appreciate.  In the end I went with the smart shoes and no socks.   And I can tell you, the smart shoes with no socks, is not a look you want to cultivate when visiting a Dentist's chair.


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