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Friday July 19th 2013  Tim Candler


     For a moment, the big question for me, was whether the Yellow Chat has set his mind upon a second brood.  I saw him yesterday, in the mid afternoon.  The temperature was 92F, and I'd call the humidity level "Beak Pant Horrible," because the Mockingbird was just sitting there with his mouth open, and like me he was drooping and somewhat disgruntled.  But there the Yellow Chat was, doing his Butterfly Dance, down on the slope.  Up and around and around.  A beautiful thing to see, even if it did appear a little desperate and I had to wonder why he didn't wait until the cool of the longer evening.

    Nor is the Yellow Chat's Butterfly Dance effortless. It requires a considerable exertion from him. He has to flap his wings in a most awkward manner so that his dance might be fully appreciated by any one who might happen to be watching, and he has to do this while singing the least relaxing of his many songs. In the deep shade of my own nest, I did read a rumor about the Yellow Chat Girls.  It was a study of DNA samples from Yellow Chat nestlings in Kentucky.  This study found that seventeen percent of Yellow Chat nestlings were not 'legitimate' in the "One Married Man" sense of that word. 


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