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Monday July 1st 2013  Tim Candler


    I have to avoid reading about Tic Borne sicknesses.  I have all the symptoms of every known Tic Borne sickness, including 'mood swing,' 'memory lapse,' 'arthritic pain,' 'twitching and ennui,' 'inability to button shirt,' 'nebulosity of thought process,' and great many more that have yet to be given names. And in brief moments of clarity when I am capable of reflection, I can see quite clearly that I have suffered from one or other of the many Tic Borne sicknesses for thirty or forty years.

     More curious though is the conjoining of two or three different Tic Borne sicknesses in the same body. This festival of symptoms produces what I will call  "fogginess of diagnosis," which in the medical profession is a polite way of defining, "a well insured malinger or mental patient."  And more interesting, the White Tail Deer isn't the primary host for a Black Legged Tic as it potters through the two years of its lifecycle. That distinction is awarded to a Mouse, which in Connecticut, the home of Lyme Disease, is referred to as the White Footed Mouse, and very adorable it is.


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