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Sunday July 21st 2013  Tim Candler


     In the cupboard there were sixteen pint jars, labeled  BAP09. They had been there for basically as long as I can remember.  Occasionally The Artist would come across one or other of them and would question me as to their contents.  Which is a fine opportunity for me to harp on about the precociousness of young Hummingbird who spend July travelling  in packs, looking for trouble and adventure. And I usually finish my account by saying, "And it does you no good to swat at them."

    Anyway, BAP09 refers to Blackberry Apple Jam that was made on the outdoor stove in the hot weather of 2009.  And thanks to the interference by Hummingbird I was not able to get the jam to set. So I bottled it and stored it away, for maybe a second chance at it sometime in the cold weather. Yesterday I couldn't take it any longer, I opened the bottles smelled each one of them, then poured them into the big shiny cook pot that's made in India, and in the safety of the kitchen I boiled them to the mutual exhaustion point. There are now eleven pints of BAP09 in the cupboard. I'm going to call it "very expensive syrup."


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