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Monday July 22nd 2013  Tim Candler


     The Rabbit of Usk is proceeding, I guess. But where he goes or what he might actually want I am less and less certain. Currently he has bitten through my slipper, causing my big toe to bleed.  As I am the only one who can see and touch him, there are some in Pen-Y Fal, who think my suddenly bleeding big toe belongs to the miraculous.

    However, should I prolong my own agony, embrace the possibility that I am indeed touched by god, odds are there will be no possibility of me ever leaving Pen-Y Fal.  And with respect to structure, such an impasse would depress me mightily. Incidentally, Pen-Y Fal the Joint Counties Lunatic Asylum, which is what the asylum in Abergavenny used to be called is now days given over to high end apartments.


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