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Monday July 8th 2013  Tim Candler


    While on the one hand I understand 'science,' it's rigor and attention  to disciplined parameters from which to take evidence, I am also prone to the other hand from where comes the self serving, the ridiculous and the fantastic.  Nor am I one of those persuaded to think that either priests or scientists are pure.  I prefer to think of them as devoted to poetic forms, passionate in their pursuit.

    So when I tell you that the American Robin is primarily a flocking bird for whom child rearing is essentially an embarrassing interlude, it's conceivable you might request some sort of evidence. Then if I tell you that Mockingbirds have a particular distrust of birds that flock, odds are you'll nod the head politely and take steps to avoid me in the Grocery Aisle.   But before you leave, let me reassure you, Grackles are birds that flock and take great joy from raising their children.


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