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Tuesday July 9th 2013  Tim Candler


    The 'June Rhee' bird is a familiar voice, and I can even sometimes remember the name given him by the community of ornithologists, or 'twitchers' as they are sometimes called. June Rhee will sing for hours, and he is obviously very proud of his voice, because he can go on through the course of an entire afternoon without apparently pausing for breath.

    Then the other day, while battling the outdoors I heard what I have to call 'Beetroot' from June Rhee. He said the word several times.  It's possible I had sweat in the ears and I know I was standing on a slope, both of which can do things to the auditory function in those of us who become easily disorientated by the hot weather. Either way, he'll always be June Rhee to me.


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