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Friday June 14th 2013  Tim Candler


    However, despite it all, I have returned to the Rabbit of Usk, and the edge that ends in meaninglessness should be rounded with sandpaper,  rather than left to the conclusion, "that's what I meant."  The other solution is to paint the edge bright red, give it a "Look at me" flashing light and try to think of it as a hinge.

     It's the valley of structure, I know, and as has been pointed out, structure more often defines meaning. Which in the matter of The Rabbit of Usk and Walking Stewart is a good enough reason to quote Dylan Thomas: "Dig no more for the chains of his grey-haired heart."  But I miss Walking Stewart, and could so easily return him to his seat at my table.  Give him the quality of a hinge, so that doors might open.


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