An English In Kentucky


















Saturday June 15th 2013  Tim Candler


    Dodder in the Deer Tongue Lettuce. Which might sound like happy thing, but rest assured, there are few things a gardener assigns the word 'happy' to.  I can think of Potato Rain. I can think of low humidity, and  I can think of high temperature of eighty two degrees Fahrenheit. Which for those struggling with foreignness is twenty seven point seven seven Celsius.

     The Deer Tongue Lettuce seed came from Amish gardeners.  Nor am I one to willy-nilly cast aspersions around as though they were confetti however much fun it is.  However we have not had Dodder in the vegetable Garden since 2005.  Oddly, In Pennsylvania I believe, all peoples who are not Amish, Amish Clans refer to as The English


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