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Saturday June 22nd 2013  Tim Candler


    One of the other great benefits of being An Ancient was the absence of UTC.  Which stands for Coordinated Universal Time. And if this leads to confusion and raises the question "If it's Coordinated Universal Time, why not the letters C.U.T?" Then permit imagination to wander across the current flag of United Kingdom, see it's loose ends and lack of cohesion and remind yourself that the Union Jack was also designed by a committee.

     The Ancients would not have had to get out of bed at 5:04 UTC, which where I live is 1:04 EDT. They would have been able to look forward to their Summer Solstice, gone to bed, slept well and as the birds awoke, they'd have been able to show up for peeping at the rising sun part of the tradition and then in slow time proceed directly to the celebration, which if they were young enough might also have included drunkenness and other fertility rights. Next year Summer Solstice is at 10:51 UTC, which where I live is a civilized 7AM, or if you live across the river 6AM.


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