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Sunday June 23rd 2013  Tim Candler


    Not everyday the telephone line goes silent. And yet, through that same telephone line comes the Internet. Usually it's the Internet that goes silent, while the telephone rings on and off in that familiar and irritating manner. My own recent practice has been to try hard to completely ignore the telephone, which is not as easy as it should be. So it is kind of nice to have some one or some thing else produce silence from the "unknown caller" along with his side kick "New York, NY.," and the persistent "name not available" from just about every state in the union, and not to mention the "Unknown Number" and some nutcase called "Butler KY."

     However, when the telephone line is suspect, there is always the possibility that the internet will fail, which means I'll not be able to stare like a mental patient at the weather radar,  wait  for another gem from Gregorian/Dusty, my own hazardous weather and literary hero at the weather service.  So following the complexity of first actually making contact with the telephone company, then answering their series of apparently random questions under very difficult circumstances for a person who doesn't carry his own telephone number and street address around in his head, they have agreed to think about looking at the telephone line sometime on Friday the twenty eighth of June between 1PM and 5PM - five days from now. Either way there'll be no "squeaking wheel" from me, and that's for sure.


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