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Thursday June 6th 2013   "D" Day Tim Candler


     I think I am going to agree with those who argue that the plethora which comes under the title 'technological' should be thought of as a species with subsets of evolving species.  And our relationship with 'technology' should be thought of in terms of symbiosis.  Where two different species benefit each other at a cost to other species.  From the flint knapper all the way to whatever it is that new age flint knappers do, our interdependence is determinate. And to say that our own species is in charge, strikes me as a misreading.

    Better to think of our relationship with technology in terms of technology nurturing only those subsets in our own species who promote technologies own evolution, rather than in terms of  something  like  freedom, or independence, or equality, or an end to world hunger, and the list can go happily on. Me, I'm still hoping for some kind of genetic leap, following cataclysm, but this is an old fashioned wish much doted on by those of us prone to the idea that God is technical device and all of creation is a desperate attempt to conceptualize an off switch.  And while some might consider this view a touch dismal,  I find it both elegant and elevating.


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