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Friday June 7th 2013  Tim Candler


     Yeah though I have walked through the valley of words there are times when a person has to pause, sit on a rock and smile for a time.  What I have generalized under the category of "The Black Pox" and it's subset "Sooty Foot," when found in Cereals, Corns and Sugarcanes, is more locally referred to as "The Smuts." From a German word for 'dirt.'  Oddly "Corn Smut" contains more protein than the "Corn Kernels" which Corn Smuts have usurped for their own nefarious ends.  Where I live Corn Smut is considered a pest.  Aztecs considered it a delicacy.

    And even more worrisome "Before infection can occur, The Smuts need to undergo a successful mating to form dikaryotic hyphae."  Which they do by hijacking the reproductive system of their unfortunate victim and then forcing say Grass to produce "Smut Galls." And you'll know how successful The Smuts might have been if you are shoeless in the cut grass and your toes turn black.


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