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Sunday June 9th 2013  Tim Candler


     Saint Teresa of Avila has a roof, three walls and in one of those walls is a door that opens and closes without undue physical effort.  There remains a wall, the sit upon, and a weather proof window. So far there have been a few points of discontentment, an awkwardness here, a few cruel words exchanged there. But in the end I'd argue that  progress has been very slow because of a discourse between us upon how best to conceal errors. 

    I am at the moment fully into a heated defense of "Forgiveness" as the only reasonable solution. And due to a surfeit of errors, I find myself becoming quite heated in pursuit of this defense. For her part Saint Teresa has some round about argument that describes the shattering of a myth, Fallen Angels. Which means that for her, all error either presents an opportunity to redefine the substance of her being or enter a diatribe against dimensional lumber, the incompetence of her designer, his inability to use a level, and a general rejection of any kind of acceptance.


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