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Thursday March 14th 2013    Tim Candler


    This morning I had forty emails. Excited I was by the prospect of discourse. But not one of them was doing anything other than trying to sell me something.  Then the technical device asked me whether I wished to 'auto archive,' and usually when this question is asked, because I try to be agreeable when around technical devices, I replied with a 'yes.'  Today, however, I replied with a 'no' and I did so in a somewhat aggressive manner that gave me a brief moment of immense satisfaction. It's this sort of taking control with the word 'no'  that places a person on the right of a political spectrum, I decided.

    Sadly I have absolutely no idea what 'auto archive' means.  Sadder still I have no clue how to resurrect the 'auto archive's' question so that I might change my mind, and in my confusion I have somehow said 'yes' to an equally confusing question from the technical device, and as a result I have just deleted every email I have ever sent or received, leaving me with a sense of loss, which has resulted in a strong desire to 'undo.'  But fortunately I think that somewhere in my current dilemma is a long sought definition of  the word 'principle' as it is understood by the political class.


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