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Saturday March 16th 2013    Tim Candler


    The picture theory of language, suggests that words are arranged around  what might be called a  'moment.'  A mind chooses which words best reflect the 'moment,' it then gives structure, or grammar,  to the words before an utterance is issued by the vocal chords.  A picture however will never be fully embraced by the sentence or sentences uttered. 

    The picture, or the photograph, or the painting, or the drawing, will contain considerably more information than maybe a hundred thousand long drawn out and interminable sentences.  And perhaps it's easier for me to think of the language device as it developed  in us people as something like a feather.  It identifies, it denigrates, it camouflages, conceals, it comforts, it warms and has enabled us to fly through pictures we might never have actually seen.


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