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Tuesday March 19th 2013    Tim Candler


   The Froe and Draw Knife, or is it a Spokeshave.  Perhaps a Skew, a Scorp, or Inshave, an Adze or a Bark Spud, a Skidding Tong, a Strop with Stopping Compound.  It's a Geek Speak, I guess.  It has something to do with dangerously sharp, or pointed bits of metal.  Implements of Medieval Warfare, or maybe what happened to prisoners who failed to reveal secrets.  And there is some sort of wooden horse, the Ancient's might have patented, and I know it's not called a Shoji  Horse, but then my memory is not good.

    And there might even be Tung Oil, from the nut of the Tung Tree.  It looks a little like the Nut from the Hickory Tree. And I think Tung Nut Oil behaves as a sort of varnish, and I know Marco Polo reckoned it an ingredient in how the Chinese water proofed the hulls of their sailing ships.  The attempt to grow Tung Nuts here in the United States fell foul of frost and hurricane, or lack of rainfall.  And in Florida the Tung Tree is now listed as a category II Invasive Species.  Like Adam Buddle's Buddleia, maybe, but Buddleia first came from the Caribbees.


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