An English In Kentucky


















Friday March 1st 2013    Tim Candler


    There is domination here where I live.  Always important to anticipate sudden alarm, indignant fluttering and a huge guilt trip before opening a door to the outside.  Otherwise the surprise can be such that it sends the heart of person to racing worse than a visit from a Sheriff  Deputy's Assistant.  There is a pair of Dove, who when not engaged in amorous embrace, will sit in the shelter of the porch daring anyone of us who are clumsy from winglessness to disturb them.

    It was for a while endearing.  That sort of warmth that comes from engagement with others.  I guess they call it sociable-ness, being there at the lunch counter, belonging, or some such set of related words designed around the concept of commune. Now we watch them strut along the railing, scratch at the glove box, make gooey eyes at each other, and for my part I'd find it much less vexing  if I maintained a pair of shoes at both doors to the outside.


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