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Thursday March 21st 2013    Tim Candler


   I'd imagine that when Paxton et al, developed systems capable of more rapidly disseminating ideas and information a whole range of objections were produced.  And one of those objections could well have been that the world as we knew it was on the verge of a terrible dysfunction that could lead to something like the evil of radio, cinema, television.. Not to mention the damage mass printing might do by regimenting the spoken word. Robbing it of its glory, it's flexibility and its power by subjecting it to spelling tests, rules of grammar and punctuation.

    Now days of course you can listen to a remarkably idiotic portion of the  middle aged spread rant on about  how they have limited their child's access to television, censored its access to the internet and force fed books to the unfortunate little bastard.  Then invariably you'll hear from this same satanic cult that they always have supper at the dining table, pursue cohesion through chores and never wear socks that don't match, just like they did in 1450 something. My own view on this subject is essentially, "we've been going to hell since nesting in trees was deemed inappropriate."


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