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Friday March 22nd 2013    Tim Candler


   Last year March 15th was Peak Bloom for The Forsythia.  This morning The Forsythia has a hint, or a whiff of yellow. I'd say there could be several more days before Forsythia bloom begins to give consideration to a serious attempt at display.  In short this March is turning into icy nightmare with Peak Bloom for Forsythia maybe not until March 28th. And I'll readily admit I belong to the breed who will take his oath in the court room that this year Winter started stealing from us about ten days ago.

    I can look back as far away as last year and remember it for the heat of its summer, the almost complete absence of rain. I can look further back into last year and remember the earliness of its springtime, March 14th the Blood Root had her flowers.  And I can look back to last year and recall a Brown Thrasher at the very end of January, which gave me such a jolt of happiness, I believed in the impossible. But no way should our species have ever been permitted to migrated much  further than  25 degrees north or south of  zero degrees latitude. I'll blame the original sin  upon those dullards who did.


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