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Saturday March 2nd 2013    Tim Candler

    Disentanglement from that condition of being 'gainfully employed' leaves me wide eyed and wholly content, Squirrel tailed.  The sun, if ever he shows his face again, will be much prettier, he'll wear an apron for purpose  The Mockingbird will regain charm, gather the mass of gentleness, his conferences negotiated, pacts signed with song and dance as yesterday becomes an interlude in the tapestry I will call progress, or dream time.  A positive charge within the great unknown, a happiness.

    One of the understandings however, is much older than you or I.  It comes to us from ancientness and we are still met by it through the course of our own time as though it were new, a young thing, unique and lonely.  Some will call this good and bad, or give it to the palsy of Yin and Yang. Others justify it with theory, or hope, and go so far as to call it love.  But I know this glowing is none of those things, because I have looked at a day where there is no tomorrow.  And I tell you it's better than ice cream. Which means it's time to haul the vacuum, let potlatch loose in the room where I sleep.

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