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Sunday March 3rd 2013    Tim Candler

    Egbert was the King of Wessex, victorious at the Battle of Ellendun around 825 of the common era.   His victory assured him the loyalty of Sussex and Kent.  He moved North toward the Mercian Kingdom and according to the chronicle he was for a while the "wide ruler" of England.  Which in those days ended on the Scottish border to the North, and ended  on the Welsh Marches to the West.  Cornwall, down there, at the end of the foot that sticks into the Atlantic was called Dumnonia during the Roman time, and I'd guess King Egbert would have recognized it as a part of the world that was pre-Anglo-Saxon, its inhabitants more Celt than they wanted to be Saxon.

    Quite why I am telling you all this, I am not really certain, but during the extended Potlatch and Vacuum Ceremony earlier this day of March third 2013 of the common era, while enduring the emotional struggles of what to throw out, I found a scrap of paper upon which I had written the words "Egbert, King of Wessex? Dumnonii?"   Granted it's been a while since last I was able to reach parts of the room where I sleep, and I should have just thrown the piece of paper into the litter, instead of becoming preoccupied by it.  Currently I suspect it might have had something to do with varieties of Potato, rather than the Anglo-Saxon relationship with Celts.  Nor was I able to throw my Wasps away.  Otherwise I feel just that little bit closer to having to worry about what might happen to my relics after I'm gone.

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