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Wednesday March 6th 2013    Tim Candler


    Data from the Almanac will tell you that high temperatures for this particular day of the year, in this part of the world where I live,  have ranged from 30 F to 87 F.  Low temperatures have ranged from 3 F to 62 F.  In the next two months mean average temperature, I am told, will rise 20 F.  This coming Sunday, time springs forward. Which means that in the middle of Saturday night we either gain or lose an hour, and if you want to know why, it has something to do with school children, the electric light, and the uberlords whose day begins at either nine or ten in the morning and finishes in the mid afternoon, with all of Sunday and Saturday off.

    I do understand that despite effort to the contrary, I have maintained a 'ratty-ness' toward certain sectors of the community and toward certain seasons of the globe and toward many of my fellow creatures whose contribution to wellness are clearly too far beyond my comprehension for sense making.  And I feel safe in declaring this 'ratty-ness' a deep flaw of personality, rather than a thing honed by a desire for purity.  I have said terrible things about bankers and politicians, Job Creators, Moles, television personalities, Merlins, film stars, the Northern Harrier,  gun nuts, Rabbits that breach fences. But, when I leave this earth, even if it means having to return again, I want to be segregated from "The Great Oneness," because I do not wish to rub shoulders with anyone or anything that has kind words for winter.  Go ahead! Call it a negative attitude.


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