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Friday May 10th 2013    Tim Candler


    A year or two ago I was mobbed by a hooligan band of juvenile Hummingbird for wearing a colorful shirt while attempting to make Blackberry jam on the outdoor stove.  And anyone who might think it a cute or wonderful moment has obviously never experienced a mobbing by Hummingbird.  It's kind of like being Biggles in a Dirigible surrounded by Die Fliegertruppen.  Unnerving as it sounds.

    This morning, while he was doing his rounds of Red Columbine, a boy Hummingbird paused to get a better look at me.  And there was something very familiar between us.  He darted closer to me, his beady eye inches from my forehead,  and I have learned how pointless it is to swat at Hummingbird, so I blew cigarette smoke at him. And if I'd had an Eye Pod, or Google glasses, I'd be able to show you a picture of a Hummingbird sneering.


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