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Monday May 20th 2013    Tim Candler

    Problems associated with major hacking back of  shrubs and trees at this time of year are too many to mention. But a number of considerations are well worth raising.  First, it's far too late to suddenly decide that something has to be pruned.  Much better to have thought about it up to six months ago, instead of  waiting all this time. Then, when a person realizes they made the same error last year and the year before that, it all becomes a little irritating.  And without beating a bush, high temperatures with humidity are neither of them conducive to thoughtful pruning to shape of anything.

    The second consideration is the nesting of birds.  Some way into the ordeal of managing the Apple, I noticed what I thought was some kind of pox, an evil growth of some kind, and I decided that of the confusion of crossed branches, I could at least rip out an infested limb.  By sheer chance, with sword in hand, I spotted a very small tail feather and realized I'd seen a nest. She'd been there muttering at me, holding on, and had not deserted her eggs, while I'd hacked away all around her.  She's a tiny bird called a Gnatcatcher. Her nest is lichen, bark, Caterpillar silk, Spider web, and there is a slight chance her nest is lined with a hair or two from my own head.  Thank Goodness I saw her in time.

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