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Wednesday May 22nd 2013    Tim Candler


    Sweat Factor is also a quality of shoes.  Sadly it's necessary to wear shoes, because we are very badly designed creatures, and without shoes great damage to feet can be done by the simple act of walking around.  But fortunately some shoes have a high Sweat Factor, which produce a useful foot odor that I am persuaded discourages Tics, and other small creatures that can leap out of the invisible.  And, I am happy to argue, shoes that fall  into the category of a low Sweat Factor, produce a foot that encourages the attention of Spiders.

    The shoe that produces a higher Sweat Factor, is either rubber or plastic.  And there is an argument that in all shoes Sweat Factor is reduced by wearing fresh socks every day. Which, for some of us is quite out of the question, because socks in the warm weather are an incline into the pit of hell.  And I'd wear flip flops, if I could, but along with my allergy to sunshine and windiness, I seem to be developing an allergy to the sight of my feet. 


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