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Saturday May 25th 2013    Tim Candler


    Tomorrow is the anniversary of  The Venerable Bede.   About sixty years after he died, the library in Jarrow Abbey, where Bede studied the evidence from history, was burned by Vikings, and some of us have disliked Vikings ever since.  But on the brighter side, while pursuing his studies Venerable Bede found evidence to suggest  that the world had been created 3,952 years before the birthday of Jesus.  A number of the faithful became outraged and accused Bede of heresy.

     The standard view in the Eighth Century Europe was Isidore of Seville's the Six Ages of the World Theory, which stated that the Advent of Jesus, his resurrection, occurred exactly five thousand years after the creation of the world.  Saint Isidore of Seville is the Patron Saint of the Internet, and when he was alive it was said of him that through the study of Greek, Hebrew, the Liberal Arts and the Sciences, he saved The Kingdom of the Visigoths, which was most of Spain and some of Southern France, from Barbarism.  As for The venerable Bede, he is also known as The Father of English History. 


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