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Monday May 27th 2013    Tim Candler


     I guess one major problem for a Gardener is a quirk in his character that takes great satisfaction from the sight of The Cedar Mockingbird's crew dabbling in the Strawberry.  His three round Mockingbird children are becoming quite tame, which is not necessarily a good omen for future Strawberry crops.  The Artist for her part, has in the past been adept at growling at the youth of Mockingbird and she is capable of ferocity when in defense of her own.  I have seen her chase, Rabbit, Deer and Rogue Beagles.

    Recently I have noticed that when The Artist is amongst the Strawberry she is made subject to  the Cedar Mockingbird's seductive aria, his syncopations, his gallantry of dance.  And he has made a point of letting her see him  feed the rounder of his three children in a manner which I can only call a 'pathetic public display of affection.'  Nor for one minute did I ever believe The Artist would fall for so blatant a maneuver.  But I am beginning to suspect that she has done. Which is yet one more ill omen for future Strawberry crops.


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