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Thursday May 2nd 2013    Tim Candler


    In three weeks time we'll be about where we were last year with the Garden.  But in three days time there is an anniversary that this year I will consider worth celebrating with ice cream, rather than almost forgetting it, as I did last year.  So I have spent about two hours fixing May 5th into one of those calendars, that pops up in an insistent manner, daring me to 'dismiss' it with a tap of the finger, and I have the device with it's sound on at high volume, which should provide further aid to memory because this particular loud sound can jar the nerves.

    When I think about ice cream, it's the Vanilla Flavor or Caramel Flavor I think about.  But there's time between now and the anniversary to perhaps demonstrate a little flexibility of thinking, and generally when I do that with ice cream, the mind wanders toward some sort of brick wall.  And I have realized my main problem with any sort of veering away  from the rope line that separates vanilla and caramel from all other ice creams, can be squarely blamed on a most unpleasant and deeply depressing experience I had some years ago with an ice cream called something like 'cookies and cream.'   It was like trying to eat boiled Carp, if I remember.


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