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Friday May 31st 2013    Tim Candler


     The last day of May, means there are two hundred and fourteen days left in the year. Which I find encouraging.  The last day in May of 1669 is the day Samuel Pepys decided that he could no longer write his diary because writing his diary had caused his eyesight to fail.  Samuel Pepys worked at the Admiralty, and there are some who might credit him for having helped steer the British Navy away from Privateering toward more professional codes of conduct.

    The last day of May in 1669 was a Monday.  In his last entry Samuel Pepys reports getting up very early, doing a little work, having lunch at home. In the afternoon he visited a female acquaintance whose husband was out of town, but whose mother was visiting, so all he could manage was a kiss. Later in the afternoon he did a little more work. Then, he and his wife and couple of friends stayed up late drinking.


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