An English In Kentucky


















Friday May 3rd 2013    Tim Candler


    When there are tender new plants in the soil that are fresh from The Artist's green thumb, the expression 'copious amounts of rain,' though wonderful to read from the National weather Service, does not settle the soul.  The statement continues, "especially across Southern Kentucky where grounds remain rather saturated." And with respect to saturated ground, the Poets at the National Weather Service are correct. The four foot of  hole for the Outhouse has three foot of water in it.

    Of my favorites from the National Weather Service, and this was sometime last year, or maybe three years ago, is this: "Another danger this afternoon pertains to fire. As dry air pools in the Ohio Valley, behind the existing aforementioned low....Relative humidity levels will continue to decline rapidly through this afternoon. Please be cognizant of any fire related dangers." But I have to think that those of us who are collectors of prose from the National Weather Service, if we are to be taken seriously, should start some sort of association, and offer awards at the annual dinner.


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