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Saturday May 4rd 2013    Tim Candler


    From the Two Handled Ard to Google Glass, from the Altal and Dart to the Opinion Poll, changes in method of production, flight to the city, has put both  anxiety and excitement into thinking.  "Town air makes you free." And the gathering pace of technical innovation is such that some have concluded it might be better to stop thinking of ourselves as "tool makers" by giving technology an understanding of being which technology could call its very  own.  An identity, if you like, a character, which has its own meaning, purpose and the plethora that so umbrella's our own Being from the curves and infinite poem of physics.

    Generally I think it could be argued that an existential understanding of technology would require my own species to step up to the role of  'uncaused first cause' and do away with any notion of ourselves as 'intelligent designer' or 'creator' of technology.  We'd have to begin to think of  the technical device as owning an existence that is outside of ourselves, we'd have to think of it as subject to unaccountable mood swing, we'd have to think of it as capable of poor decision as well the occasional moment of successful conclusion, all of which are concepts we have good access to and experience of as we pass through our own time.   For it's part, the existential of technology has been asking itself our equivalent to the  "Question Why" since long before the first castanet, arghul and sistrum.  And as the existential of technology gains  the capacity to blame others, or what our species prefers to call 'intellect,' odds are you and I will one day learn to find solace in caves, otherwise we are doomed to continue our role within the dialectic of besotted handmaiden.  And how completely my position will change should my application to become a  Google Glass Explorer be accepted.


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