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Monday November 4th 2013  Tim Candler


     The "category" aligns thought. Instead of ping-pong in all directions, a category is a nice neat cage with a name  So for example something like "Eco-Poetry" can then become a structure, a DNA under a microscope. For months the professor  stares at the results and then announces "Yes! this is Eco-Poetry."  And here the  reply of "So what!" to such announcement is deemed "unconstructive."

      So how does one relate Carrots and Potato , Stalagmites and Pebbles to rivers and streams and the impression of mountains, forests and hills. I'd argue for structures that are center-less. Unnerving places, where the up and down lack conviction. Worrisome it is. Unbalanced to the point where the mind reels to unanswered questions. "Steady, Boys! Steady," was a late eighteenth century solution.  "Hearts of Oak" the song is called. It has the "Us Against Them" words, the stirring music, and it rhymes.


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